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Offering Designer Sunglasses for You to Choose From

Find premium, designer sunglasses only at SUNGLASS IMAGE in Aiken, South Carolina. Our collection includes sunglasses from Michael Kors, Coach, and Vogue Eyewear.

Michael Kors Sunglasses

The Michael Kors sunglasses collection encompasses every style, from simply sleek to statement-making frames with luxurious accents. These eyewear products are great for everyday use. They are great for achieving a breezy, effortless cool without doing away with the current fashion moment.

Michael Kors Women Sunglasses

Women’s sunglasses from Michael Kors have the following characteristics:

  • Full-rim frame made from Monel, a corrosion-resistant copper and nickel metal alloy that retains its shape

  • Aviator-shaped lenses that suits many face shapes

  • Adjustable nose pads

  • Stylish double bridge

  • Matching color accents on the outer edge of the lenses (where the temples attach)

  • Available in vibrant frame and lens colors for a customized look

  • Michael Kors logo etched on the temples

  • Coated temple ends for enhanced comfort over the ear

  • Come in a protective case with a cleaning cloth

Michael Kors sunglasses come with a mirror coating option on certain colors. Mirror coating is useful protection from intense light. It reflects backlight and minimizes the amount of light passing through the lens, making the eyes more comfortable in very sunny conditions. Polarized and gradient-tinted lenses are also available in certain colors.  

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