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Combining classic craftsmanship and innovative design, the Coach eye-wear collection is here. Find the right look for you with our signature style finder.

Coach Stylish Sunglasses Lines for Fashion

In its early beginnings, Coach was a small company selling leather bags and wallets, but several years later, in 1946, Miles and Lillian Cahn came into the picture. In the 1950s, the Cahn couple took over in managing the business and employed innovations on their creations. Innovations include enhancing product designs with the help of Bonnie Cashin, who was a notable fashion designer. Adding quality to fabulous designs made by the company allowed them to become successful and gave birth to the known brand today.

Even with its popularity in the leather products industry, Coach also aimed for overall business competitiveness by manufacturing fashionable eye-wear that won’t fail to impress buyers. Targeting men and women, its sunglasses line became of high value with quality construction worth collecting.

The women sunglasses line has many frame and design options available.  Coach understands that women look for different sunglasses that will complete their fashion style puzzle for all-day wear and formal events. It is for this reason that Coach produced such an extensive womens' selection. Coach sunglasses for women are available in primarily colored acetate frames and with some bearing prints that provide elegant designs. Aside from frames, lens shapes also work well in giving women their desired style particularly if they want to achieve a unique personal style. Coach lenses come in round and square shapes that extend a fashionable look for women. Match it with their top grade lenses, available in full or gradient shades, Coach sunglasses certainly lives up to its name.

In comparison to women’s sunglasses line, men’s choices are only available in two designs named Aidan and Quinn. Styled with square and slightly rounded lenses, these sunglasses have sleek design that men look for when choosing their eyewear. While their options can be considered limited compared to women’s, Coach makes sure that they will have the classic styles that match almost all taste buds. These classic and casual styles are sure to impress every man. Thin frames with colored lenses make it a great choice for every man with an eye for fashion.

The good thing about Coach is that it provides quality packaging with the sunglasses by adding a maxi-velvet cleaning cloth with the eye-wear. Moreover, consumers can get top quality leather cases as made by a popular leather bags and purses maker.

Coach has a huge collection of beautiful and top quality eye-wear to use for both function and fashion. considered perfect to collect for personal use, or purchase as a gift, coach eye-wear will never let you down. So Check out its sunglasses collection and find the one that will leave you satisfied.