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Providing Protective Eyewear to Match Your Active Lifestyle

Quality Eyewear for Safety

If you are looking for safety eyewear, get in touch with SUNGLASS IMAGE in Aiken, South Carolina. We offer Wiley X prescription

safety glasses.

Originally designed for the toughest military situations, Wiley X glasses can handle anything that is pointed at them, literally. These glasses are not just ready for work; they are made for work.

The sunglasses Wiley X makes for motorcyclists are made to be worn with motorcycle, bicycle, and other sports equipment helmets. Many models also come with removable foam facial cavity seals that keep out all the dust, rain, and dirt you will run into while out on the open road or on the field.

Facial Cavity™ Seals

Wiley X takes eye protection seriously. With its combination of world-class impact protection, lens technology, and modern designs, Wiley X Sunglasses are made to meet the demanding standards of today's active enthusiasts. In fact, Wiley X has more ANSI Z87.1-2015 certified sunglasses in its selection than any other premium eyewear manufacturer.

The Wiley X brand is favored by soldiers, law enforcement officers, and outdoorsmen the world over. Wiley X sunglasses are great for anyone who needs serious eye protection and the best visual acuity available, including policemen, motorcyclists, hunters, fishermen, and extreme sports enthusiasts. Place your order now. We offer a 10% discount and free shipping.

Protecting Your Eyes With Cocoons Polarized Sunglasses

Get the best deals for Cocoons eyewear only from SUNGLASS IMAGE in Aiken, South Carolina. Cocoons polarized sunglasses can help isolate your eyes from the elements. They feature a unique design that gives 100% UV (A, B, and C) protection. You can wear the glasses over prescription eyewear or as conventional sunglasses.

After wearing Cocoons for some time, your eyes will be able to feel relaxed. The polarized UV400 front lenses treat incoming light, reduce distracting glare, and allow you to focus on your tasks. The patented frames also provide protection for your eyes from all angles, shielding you from sunlight, UV, glare, wind, rain, and airborne debris.

To determine the size, measure your prescription glasses from temple to temple and the height of the lenses. Select the frame size that is at least as large as these measurements.

Available in grey and amber-colored lenses, Cocoons come in a neoprene carry case with a large lens cloth. It is also covered by a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Sizes Available: (Frames Fit Over Glasses)
M (5 1/4" W x 1 1/2" H), L (5 3/8" W x 1 7/8" H)

Cocoons Professional-Grade Polarized Clip-Ons

With Cocoons clip-ons, you can transform your prescription eyewear into professional-grade polarized sunglasses. The collection features the world-famous Polaré lens system framed in a lightweight and corrosion-resistant Monel chassis.

Endorsed by eye care professionals worldwide, Cocoons clip-on collection encompasses a wide variety of sizes and styles designed to fit more than 95% of prescription eyewear.

Polarized lenses are scratch-resistant, extremely durable, and offer crystal-clear visual acuity even in the harshest of conditions. Each clip-on features a precision-tuned FreeFlow™ gliding spring-bridge as well as SoftGrip® attachment prongs. The workmanship, performance, and quality of Cocoons clip-ons is reiterated by a lifetime warranty. All clip-ons also include a protective case.

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